Twelfth Night
Brown Box Theatre Project presents a season of bold, relevant, and deeply personal productions that ask big questions about the human experience. Centering on life-changing moments of decision and the repercussions of those choices, Songs for a New World and Hamlet paint vitally revealing portraits of our formidable, unpredictable, and beautiful world. Brown Box's 7th Season will be inventively staged at outdoor venues across Massachusetts and Delmarva and will further the company's commitment to making the performing arts accessible to the widest possible audience.

Twelfth Night

May 2017

Songs for a New World, Jason Robert Brown's breathtaking song cycle, weaves together the stories and voices of a diverse cast of characters in a musical journey that transcends time and space. A soaring, vibrant score transports the audience through a mesmerizing exploration of the unknown world and the tough choices that follow. Bursting with life and discovery, Songs for a New World begs to be liberated from the walls of a theatre, and will be presented at over 10 outdoor venues throughout Massachusetts and Delmarva as Brown Box's premier musical spectacular.

Boxer SHorts 2

August & September 2017

Free Outdoor Shakespeare returns with Brown Box's most ambitious production yet. Hamlet, Shakespeare's pivotal work, delves deep into the recesses of human consciousness in a raw and unforgiving examination of a treacherous political landscape and one Prince's struggle with the weighty consequences of action, inaction, pain, numbness, and the ever-terrifying unknown. Murder, treason, intrigue, and betrayal culminate to form this harrowing and timeless theatrical masterpiece.